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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aiden's 2nd Birthday Party!

Okay, I've finally got pictures from the party posted (not all of them, I didn't want to crash any computers!) Some are a little bit out of order because when you are getting picture from 4 people it's hard to keep them all straight.
My Handy Helpers, who did all the leg work for me since I was getting Capt Aiden ready for the party. And did ALOT painting the week of the party!
G-momma and Aunt Dana
G-momma directing the mates (aka Uncle Kaymon and Aunt Dana)

Hey, there's G-papa unbagging all the balloons!
Aunt Dana with Marla (who helped out too)

The cool little dud, ready to party!

His hat that he did not want to wear!

Aiden and his Mickey Pirate Crew

A Giant Card for everyone to sign

Another of G-papa getting out balloons

Our SMA Awareness Table

The Cakes (the pirate ship was for Aiden. The other was all the other Feb birthdays, which is almost the entire family).

Aiden and Chloe
Logan, Chloe and Aiden
The Princess Arriving (i know it's out of order!)

Smiling Logan!
Logan and Aiden
The Balloons for the release. Those cards on them all were different children affected by SMA.

Aiden's Pirate Loot
Some more of the kids. When they were diagnoised, we were all told the stats yet here are 3 kids thriving beyond the age of two! We know how lucky we are and alot of thanks goes to their wonderful pulmnologist, Dr. Makris. To borrow a line from another mom, our kids are now making history!

The Baloon release

Bye-bye, Princess Chloe! Aiden was inside sleeping so he didn't get to say bye-bye :O(

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dec 31st ---> Jan 31st 2009

I have been working feverishly to get this site completely updated so that it will be ready for all of Aiden's birthday and party pics. So this is it! Hoepfully this weekend, I can get all the pics up from the big bash!
Aiden holding and manipulating his dinosaur

A very angry baby new year

Happy New Year!

Aiden sleeping through CPT
Mommy's Sleeping Prince

Playing with Flipper

Tummy Time

Aiden loves his Daddy!

My new favroite picture of Aiden
Aiden's new ride!!!
OOOHHH, A ceiling fan!

Leave me Alone!!